Texan Energy Services

Pipeline Construction

With Texan Energy Services on your side, you can be sure your pipeline construction projects done right the first time. Our experienced team provide customers with pipeline installation, maintenance, fabrication, and any extenuating pipeline needs.

A pipeline is just as it sounds; a moving assembly line. All gears and parts and people must work seamlessly, or it simply doesn’t work. Fortunately for our customers, our skilled staff are vigorously trained to maneuver a variety of scopes and processes so that the end-result is what you need.

Satisfaction is one of our highest priorities and we make sure our customers are involved and have an understanding in the production outcome.

We’ll work together to facilitate environmentally proven measures that stand the test of time.

How It Works

A pipeline construction project can range from simple to complex and is usually broken up into segments. Each section has its own crew from assemblers, to welders to helpers, this gives us the ability to ensure consistency and quality throughout the project. Our certified welders and helpers take great pride in ensuring each weld is solid so that you know exactly what you are getting when you hire us to complete your project.

We have the knowledge and ability to handle pipe from 3” up to 12” in diameter. To date, our crews have installed over 150 miles of pipe in multiple types of ground formations.

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